Sabinsa Corporation today announced that it has secured a U.S. patent for its branded ingredient Cococin™, a freeze-dried powder form of green coconut water. In addition to Sabinsa’s derivation process, U.S. patent #7,300,682 secures exclusive rights to the resulting vitamin-rich composition and its intended uses in cosmetics, supplements and foods and beverages to support healthy cell growth and improve overall dermal health, among others.

“Coconut water’s staggering level of active ingredients provides an exceptionally rich repository of vitamins, minerals and amino, shikimic and quinic acids essential for healthy tissue growth, resulting in an optimal ingredient for today’s cosmeceutical market,” said Dr. Lakshmi Prakash, vice president of innovation and business development, Sabinsa Corporation. “We have worked diligently to secure this processs, composition and use patent to ensure a safe and efficacious ingredient resulting from Sabinsa’s high-quality, nutrient-preserving freeze-dried process.”

Sabinsa’s process extracts green coconut water, a liquid endosperm of maturing coconut, at optimal maturity when high levels of RNA, critical for amino acid transport and respiratory metabolism of living cells, are present. Long considered a refreshing beverage and even a natural sports drink in Southeast Asia, Central America and other tropical regions, green coconut water has been valued for its regenerative benefits.

In addition to Cococin’s U.S. protection, the branded ingredient was also granted European Patent #EP1341547 for process, composition and use in the European Market.